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Orbittal offers well engineered integration of Mechanical, Electrical Plumbing, installation, inspection and maintenance (sometimes all three at once) of equipment relating to MEP in construction for all types of buildings, transportation facilities and industry projects.

Orbittal has developed Four essential vertices under the umbrella of its brand. It began its journey with Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC). Thereafter, Orbittal entered the MEP Services and became a leading brand identity in the industry for their MEP Services. Our MEP services are premium and focus on delivering quality and assurance.

Electrical installations & Maintenance

We provide complete Electrical Installations and Maintenance with finest quality products and full security of the same

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Public Health Engineering System (Plumbing)

We install secrued and excellent plumbing systems for residential and commercial properties to fulfill the need of wate

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Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning System (HVAC)

Through the HVAC system and technology, we ensure your property is fully-fledged and ventilated with excellent air quality at all times.

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Fire Protection System

We provide the best fire protection system installations around your property to prevent and curb the fire incidents, with minimum damage to other's lives

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Integrated Building Management System & Low Voltage Systems (IBMS)

With IBMS, we go the extra mile with innovation and security systems at residential and commercial properties for effective energy conservation.

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Utility Piping System

Our expert team provides a remarkable solution to the overall utility piping system at residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

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We offer best-quality services across various domains to meet all your electrical and mechanical requirements.