Smart Sensor & Human Centric Luminaires

Presence and Motion Detectors

  • Specialized presence & motion sensors from ESYLUX Germany.
  • Zero crossing detection function for a long life of relay & LED Light drivers.
  • Suitable for Lighting & HVAC Load.
  • Sensor self-power consumption-0.2W.
  • Good sensitivity in 360 degrees.
  • Masking option available for accurate detection.
  • Adjustable detection range from 3 MTR to 40 MTR.
  • Mounting height range from 2 MTR to 15 MTR.
Sensor Product Code RANGE
ORB-PDC-360i/40 40 MTR
ORB-PDC-360i/32 32 MTR
ORB-PDC-360i/24 24 MTR
ORB-PD-360/8 8 MTR
ORB-MD-360i/40 40 MTR
ORB-MD-360i/32 32 MTR
ORB-MD-360i/24 24 MTR
ORB-MD-360/8 8 MTR
Application Areas -
  • Industrial warehouses.
  • Industrial Manufacturing bays.
  • Industrial Cold rooms.
  • Car Parking Areas.
  • Individual Offices.
  • Conference, meetings, seminar rooms.
  • Circulation Areas- Staircase.
  • Sport Hall.
  • Archive/Library.
  • Self Service Halls i.e. ATM Rooms.
  • Classrooms.
  • WC & Sanitary Facilities.

Human Centric Lighting

  • The German technology for energy efficient human centric lighting.
  • SymbiLogic technology simulates the dynamic progression of daylight, offering human centric lighting for indoor spaces.
  • Natural light improves well-being, performance, the ability to concentrate and health.
  • Natural daylight is the best light for humans.
  • Intelligent light and automation solutions for offices.
  • Human centric lighting give sunlight colour as per human circadian rhythm.
Addressing Pain Areas -
  • Light Pollution.
  • Biological Effect of Light Colour.
  • Interferences affecting performance (Stress).
  • Complexity of Control.
  • Automation means. Fix it & Forget it. Control only to override.
Human Centric Product Code

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