Value Engineering


Hyosung T&D is a leading manufacturer of GIS technology, fully owned by hyosung Heavy Industries Corporation in Korea. We are proud to deliver our services to such esteemed clients for their industrial and market growth.

Our versatile and cost-efficient solutions are designed to meet all the industrial requirements of our clients. the technical experts ensure efficient delivery of our services to build to loyal relationship with our clients.

4 months

Project Duration

12 Cr

Project Value

With a rich history of successful business for the past 26 years, we take pride in being the most trusted service provider in the electrical engineering field. Our wide network of offices in Indian cities, allows us to execute valuable projects at both local and national level

We planned,designed, and executed the value engineering project for Hyosung T&D to help them boost their engineering set-up and add value to their industry.

Key Highlights


Our Services and Process


After a details discussion with the expert team of engineers, we provided the following services to Hyosung T&D:
  • After a thorough inspection, we revised the Cable schedule with cable lengths based on the site conditions, route changes, etc. This helped to save work costs and time.
  • We proposed BBT for all the transformer and DG sets to ensure cost savings of the cables and associated steelwork.
  • We also advised the Earth grid system in the ground to protect al the electrical equipment and for good earth value requirements.
  • The Machine Earth pit was fixed inside the plant to save earth strip cost and to provide a better conductivity path against the earth fault.
  • The nearest path of the HT Cable was routed to save length and work cost.