Minda Industries Ltd

Consultant : Ajay Kumar
PMC : Minda infrastructure limited
  • In Pune, Maharashtra, The Minda Supa is a green construction endeavor with a platinum rating. Completely robotic-operated machine shop and alloy wheel production facility for Minda at Supa MIDC
  • This project was finished in the 2019–20(Covid Pandemic) fiscal year. for complete supply and installation of electrical and mechanical work
  • Supa projects showcase Minda’s confidence in Orbittal’s performance and capabilities. This recognition from Minda further solidifies Orbittal’s position as a trusted partner in the industry and awarded five more projects for execution.
  • Major projects completed include: 1 km of overhead HT line, 45 no. HT/LT panels, 75 no. DBS, 20 km of HT/LT cable, 2 no. transformers, 2 no. DG sets, 200 m of bus duct, 12 km of cable trays and raceways, 800 no. power sockets, 1800 no. light fixtures and 30 tonne of steel fabrication.